Organizing a Child’s Closet

Organizing a child’s closet is no child’s play. It needs special effort and time to organize and maintain a child’s closet. A kid’s room is usually small in size. Innovative use of the closet organizer accessories can turn even a small closet into an ideal closet organizer that can grow with the child’s needs.  Closets with accessories with colorful canvases, bins and storage cubes can add a cheery mood to the kid’s room. Below is an overview on how to organize the kid’s closet.

Sort, sort, and sort – The first step in organizing the closet is to remove everything from the closet and start sorting. Sorting can sound tedious, but it can help in removing a number of things that might not logically belong to the closet anymore. Things in the closet must be sorted based on the currently used ones, ones for future usage, give away ones and things to be kept in storage for future kids. As children grow fast, they tend to keep outgrowing dresses and shoes. It is important to sort out the outgrown outfits based on the condition so that the ones that are good can be passed on to charity or give away, and the damaged or torn ones directly to trash. Some people may plan to hold on to good dresses for their future kids, and they can be washed, pressed and stored separately. It is also ideal to keep the big dresses within a visible range of shelves so that one can remember that the dresses can fit the child sometime in the near future.

Think for the kid– The next step post sorting things is to plan on where each should be placed. It is necessary to keep the things that the child regularly uses in a place that is reachable and accessible. There is a wide variety of storage accessories is available nowadays. Colorful bins and baskets would be perfect for toys and some extra linen. Drawers can be used to store small things like small jewels or stationary items. Colorful storage cubes can be used to store story books. A wire closet organizer with open stack-able baskets can be helpful in accommodating hanging items and accessories of any height.  Adding labels to the baskets and shelves can encourage the child to learn how to maintain the closet on his/her own and inculcating this habit at an early stage can help the child stay organized for life.

One needs get thinking to organize and maintain a child’s closet. Innovative planning and a bit of creativity can even turn small closets into huge colorful closet organizers.